Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mark and His Social Graph Search - Some interesting Facts

“FB makes the world more open and connected”
To be more specific in connecting with friends it came out with the concept of Social Graph, which the market didn't accept initially. But after a limited demo launched last week it is expected to bring lot of changes in investor and users of Facebook.

Facebook Graph search mapFacebook Graph search


Facebook tools are built to map out friends, who are interested to stay connected and to find and make friends by using living data base available to public.

Facebook Graph search

Three Pillars of Facebook :

-News feed         -Timeline       -Graph search

Graph Search is Privacy Aware :
  • Every piece of content has its own audience.
  • Most content is not public.
  • You can only search for content that has been shared with you.
So let’s forget worrying about privacy setting and ensure in finding people and their interest to follow and share information available. 

Difference between Web Search & Graph Search :

Difference between Web Search & Graph Search

Quarries have 1000 elements… FB. Inc. has worked hard to bring out interesting outcome no one has ever done.

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