Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facebook Envy ?

Is it true One- Third of Face Book Users are Envy?

facebook frustrated user
Yes, Face Book members were surveyed regarding their feelings after using the platform.Unfortunately respondents reported predominantly negative feelings, such as frustration,Dissatisfaction, and emotionally insecure.

The researchers identified that envying their "Face book friends" is the major reason for this result,. -Dr. Hanna Krasnova Survey states Face Book has a colossal role in users emotional life.

facebook people
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Members engaged in any active, interpersonal communication on social networks and primarily utilize them as source of information are considered have much better stay in accessing face book. Passive use of Face book heightens invidious emotions that, in turn, adversely affect users satisfaction with their lives
 "Considering the fact that Face book use is a worldwide phenomenon and envy is a universal feeling, a lot of people are subject to these painful consequences." 
Hit Like- if you can’t put in words, be the first one to Appreciate or Congratulate, don’t feel the burden, enjoy every moment of your stay in Face Book and if you’re bored simple just sign out. :-P

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