Friday, January 25, 2013

Facebook Pro's and Con's

Face Book – I would call it the social window of opportunities! 

facebook pro's and con's

Facebook has become a part of everyone’s life lately and has always amazed its users with its various options and capabilities at same time it is also notorious for controversies as it is used across various nations, cultures and ages.
So we have made an understanding that we must keep in mind certain Pro’s and Con’s while using face book.

Let’s begin with the Pro’s :
  • Face book is a biggest friend for the isolated, and includes all humans without any kind of discrimination it promotes international integration.
  • FB allows its users to connect beyond boundaries and is a saviour for those who live far from their family or loved ones.
  • FB being an international social network provides a good platform for forward thinkers, social activists to initiate change & and create awareness.
  • FB has reached as many users possible by any social network so it can be used as a marketing tool by business people.
  • A few hours of FB in a day will help us stay connected with the social environment and keeps us updated with friend’s activities.
  • FB helps to connect with like-minded people across the globe so that small groups can be formed and easily controlled for some public good.
Now the Con’s :
  • FB obviously is very addictive and will easily take your valuable time.
  • It creates a kind of social insecurity for certain group of people who are speaking their minds out.
  • FB nurtures envy & jealousy, this is a very bad aspect which may lead to stress and depression.
  • Weaker forces of the society are vulnerable as the dominant force create issues like racism, exploitation, discrimination and thus leads to social distress.
  • FB sadly is a made a platform for false show off, worthless status updates, harassment and cyber -crimes which is often irritating.
  • Finally it is very hard to deactivate your FB account unless you are too stubborn with your decision.

Final Words:
So Facebook has to be used wisely with awareness, social respect and a purpose. It has gone beyond the boundaries of its initial intentions of being a dating site and has opened up new possibilities for its users.

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