Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Class 10 Boy Suspended for Facebook Post ?

It’s such a time now even newborns have Facebook pages, In Chennai a photograph published by a class 10 boy got him into trouble than like .

sad boy

The boy, who published a photograph of himself with classmates inside the classroom, was suspended by the school management.The management informed other students of his suspension through a circular. There was no written order on suspension, complaint was lodged with the commissioner against the management by his parents.The boy’s mother says, it all started when she went to the school to question a teacher who used vulgar words against her son.She says that the issue turned against her son as there are 30 other students as members in Facebook but no action has been taken by the management. The boy was shattered when he came to know that his suspension was conveyed in a circular to the whole school.The management refused to comment on the same.


This news is an example of how some private schools in Chennai dictate terms to students and their parents. The management will be good only to parents who nod to their tunes or to those who are rich and influential.

Thanks to TimesofIndia for sharing this information .

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