Friday, March 1, 2013

Facebook Ultimate Goal with Atlas tool?

Here is the deal signed with Microsoft in acquiring the platform, which they have been looking for a while to function much better in terms of ad technology.

Facebook believe in having a strong fight with Google Inc……

  • Buying of Advertising Technology from Microsoft Corp with an attempt to improve effectiveness of ads on its website, will have huge impact in their market share.
  • Facebook will purchase Atlas Advertiser Suite, an ad management and measurement platform.
  • Facebook did not disclose the deal amount.
  • Relief from embarrassment, after co. like General Motors Co. declared pulling the plug on all paid advertising on Facebook network after its IPO during May last year.
  • They believe purchase is not a step forward creating a much wider ad network beyond Facebook site.
  • Now, it’s time to make some difference. The question is how quickly and successfully facebook can integrate its data with Atlas tool.
  • Google Leads the $15 billion us market for online display ads with 15.4 per cent share and facebook with 14.4 per cent.

Will they over take????

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