Friday, January 25, 2013

FaceWash App Remove Stains of Your Facebook

“This is your face on the internet, and you might need to wash it”
Want to remove vulgar, embarrassing pages from Facebook?
If you haven’t been careful so far now you got a way to clean them by using this app ‘ Face-wash’.

facebook facewash

Face-wash’ app will search through your Facebook activity and content for items that you want to hide or delete. That could includes your status update, photo caption, and comments left or received as well as pages and links that were linked.
“It is important that you realize there’s lot of content that perhaps someone might not want a future employer to see,” Daniel Gur, developer.   
Face-wash comes in, ready to wash away all the dirty jokes, beer talk, late night snapshots, and questionable "likes," links and updates from your Facebook page.

  • To use Face-wash, you need to go to its website,, and click “Get started” and log into your Facebook account.
  • You will be promoted to click “Go to App” and then give the app permission to access your contents.
  • Search for a term and the app starts looking through all your profile content.
  • If Face-wash finds a match, it will show it to you and the link the posts, so you can easily delete a status or remove a picture.

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