Monday, February 4, 2013

Lets Share and Celebrate the Birthday of our Social Giant.

"Happy Birthday Day Facebook"- 02/04/2013

From the day we connected with Facebook, we never had a chance to forget birthday's of our buddies. We are pleased and thankful for such innovative product with less complication.

No boundaries today in getting close to people and staying connected.

"Sharing and Commenting" is been the most fascinating aspect all through its journey.

"Like and Poke" has always worked on well.

"Facebook Graph Search" today is the most innovative concept to bring in people with Common Interest.

Facebook with the plan for going public to raise capital for the purpose of "Research and Development" is something fabulous attempt and it will satisfy the investors and users of Facebook.

"We all wish 9 year old Facebook a very happy and ever lasting birthday".

Milestones achieved during its journey.

Facebook was started on February 4, 2004 in a dorm of Harvard University by Mark Zuckerburg with the help of his four friends Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes.

The world's biggest social media site called in its initial days, and was later renamed to just Facebook.

In September 2004, Facebook introduced the Wall, which allows people to write personal thoughts for which Zuckerberg faced a lawsuit for stealing the idea from some other firm.

Later in a bid to further expansion, Facebook included high schools in the year 2005.

In 2006, Facebook introduced News Feed which actually gathers all your Wall posts in one place.  

In October 2007, Facebook sold 1.6 percent stake to Microsoft for US 240 million.

Further, it also introduced Beacon program, which is a feature that broadcasts people’s activities on dozens of outside sites in November 2007.

In April 2008, Facebook introduced Chat feature.

In the year 2009, Facebook’s “Like” feature was introduced.

Further, in 2010, location feature was added to know the exact location of users and friends.

In the year 2011, Facebook introduced Timeline, a new version of the profile page.

Later, in January 2012, Timeline feature was made mandatory by the social networking website.

Facebook has crossed and sailed through comfortably to converted our thoughts with action. Choices has been fulfilled with the changes, and dream about innovation has never stopped since we started sharing.
Lets Share and Celebrate the Birthday of our Social Giant. Thank you Facebook.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Face Book - No More a social Giant ?

Facebook - A social giant ? let's have a complete analysis and overview whether Facebook is a social giant and what its current status ?

Before i start making a statement about Facebook is a social giant or not . i would like to give a complete stats about the Facebook .
  • Facebook User Count is one Billion and have a 1 Trillion connections .
  • Facebook Ranked 2 in the Global site and have a reputation of 8,01,3634 sites linked in (source : Alexa )
  • Facebook has 192 M android , 147 M apple,48 M iPad and 56 M messenger Mobile user count.
  • Facebook set a record by uploading 1.1 B photos on new year's day/eve.
Let's have a look , what are the other social networking sites/competitors of Facebook.
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Linked in
  • My Space
  • Pint rest
I have listed the social network sites as per the ranking . As we reviewed latest stats among social networking sites, Google plus is a real competitor for the Facebook. Google + has thrashed the rankings of twitter to moved up one place higher .The main and one of the massive reason behind Google + improvement  is blogging , Now a days people all around started blogging , Google provides blogging site free for the people to starts there own blog-spot site as well they are offering the blogger to start monetize via Google itself ,

Whats there in it and is it anywhere related to the topic ?
Yes of-course , the above discussed are truly related to the topic and can also get it how the massive change over happened in ranking of Google + . In the recent past Google has implemented a great idea of merging the Google + with blogger account and also added some notes like linking the account may result the blogger in Google author rank and blogger page rank . As a result of this blogger started linking the Google + account and also people started the +1 the topic by making the post popular (They need to sign up to the social network to do these activities)

Whats the impact now ?
Due to this massive improvement by Google has affected the ranking of twitter which is so far been called as a 2nd social giant . Facebook also implemented some new features like graph search etc but due to the latest buzz about the Facebook made negative impact among the people !!! 

What are the buzz about Facebook ?
Many have heard that Facebook started the photos ( instagram )without the up-loader knowledge and few months before a buzz stating Facebook tracks you even when you are log-out !and the recent buzz is Facebook delivers a mail to the people in us pay back $10 .

Cons :
As per the current stats Facebook is considered to be the social giant even though the latest buzz about the Facebook and massive rank changing over the social networking sites . Facebook stands tall by implementing new innovations that makes people to stay in the site . The new word over addiction among people is "Facebook" .

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